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About the artist 

Yvette M. Sutton is a visual artist that works and lives in Des Moines, Iowa. Born in Akron, Ohio and lived there until her sophomore year of high school. Her variety of works and different mediums gives each piece its on stage. Graphite portraits, sharpie markers, and fine liners, as well as, acrylics/oils/watercolor paint images have very distinctive details and patterns. The details give a life like image in color and black and white. As a child Sutton would draw on anything she could get her hands on, mostly cardboard boxes. "Creating was my release of powers as a kid". She attended Grand View College (now University) to study Commercial/Graphic Arts. Even though she studied art in college, business was the path she had taken after college. She worked for Norwest Mortgage/Wells Fargo Bank for 17 years. Sutton recently began drawing again after her 7 children purchased an art table for Christmas as a surprise. Sutton moved to Atlanta in 2013 and had her first vendor event with Village Market Place. She did well and increased her confidence to show and display her work in other areas. Her creativity has a long list of items that she creates, such as; portraits, pyrography (wood burning), airbrushing, customizing sneaker/purses and wallets, and other projects.

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